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To say that marketing and demand generation has changed significantly over the last several years would be a huge understatement.  Solutions that may have worked just a few years ago simply don’t work in today’s environment.

The PipelineDMS approach to demand generation is that successful marketing must be an integrated process, taking into consideration every touch point of a prospect/customer, and never a singular event.

There are no more short cuts to demand generation. More and more companies are discovering that their traditional marketing tools are painfully ineffective. And now more than ever—inconsistent, ineffective demand generation means your bottom-line is suffering.

While integration is the key, it’s not only integration among different marketing activities (inbound marketing, outbound, website, social, lead nurturing,etc.), but also integration of essential business processes across your sales and marketing departments. For companies that meet this difficult challenge, the reward is a consistently reliable sales pipeline, which generates increased revenue.

Unfortunately there are many reasons why some organizations struggle with marketing and demand generation and fail to deliver sustainable results:

  • Poor Strategic Planning. Activities and programs are often not properly planned in concert with the company’s overall marketing strategy. Companies that do not have clear understanding of their Unique Value Proposition, target market, goals/objectives, etc. – understandably often have less than desirable results with their demand generation results.
  • Ineffective Demand Generating Activities. A poorly planned and/or executed demand generation activity will result in wasted time, effort and money—while producing minimal, or zero, results.
  • Poor Lead Management / Nurturing. For most companies, a communication barrier between sales and marketing means that sales leads are improperly managed from initial inquiry through to closure, often contributing to a real, or perceived, lack of quantity and/or quality of leads.  Also, companies often spend significant resources to generate new prospects, yet don’t have a process or plan in place to nurture and engage prospects while they may be at different stages of the evaluation and buying process.  
  • Lack of expertise, time and/or resources.  Startups, high-growth companies and even companies in mature markets often simply don’t have the expertise or time they need to quickly scale their demand generation results.  Often at the expense of the competition taking more market share while they try and figure out their marketing game plan.
  • Relying on one or two activities for success. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest buzzwords or social activities to try and generate demand. But unfortunately, in most cases, these activities only work when done in conjunction with a well rounded, closed loop model that includes CRM/MA software, lead nurturing programs, supporting outbound activities, etc.

Fortunately, PipelineDMS has created a unique framework and methodology that provides the proper balance and integration of all of the important aspects of a successful demand generation process.  Our RAMP™ model is a closed-loop demand marketing solution designed to tightly integrates your overall marketing strategy, website, inbound campaigns, content, outbound activities, CRM, marketing automation software, lead management and sales process that ensures your success.

Anything less than a closed loop model that integrates these critical processes is a certain recipe for failure.

Our methods are proven—we’ve invested more than 15 years in developing the RAMP™ model and our supporting marketing services.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing plans.  Call us today to see how we can help you build a marketing process that generates exceptional results from your marketing and demand generation efforts.

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