CRM & Marketing Automation

While there are no shortcuts to effective demand generation – most success businesses do have one “secret weapon” that allows them to rise above their competition: integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation (MA) software.

A tightly integrated CRM and MA solution allows your business to generate more leads and close more business by easily solving the complex challenge of optimizing your sales and marketing communications to match the selection and evaluation process of your prospects.

Integrated CRM / MA

  • Significantly reduce Sales and Marketing costs and maximize your resources
  • Improve ROI tracking across all marketing campaigns
  • True integration between Sales and Marketing processes
  • Manage all your marketing programs and sales interactions through one system
  • True visibility into your marketing and sales pipelines
  • Personalized messaging to all prospects with easy to set up workflows  
  • Automated emails based on customer behavior
  • Identify highly qualified prospects with rules based lead scoring
  • Automated lead management and lead nurturing process
  • Detailed reporting and analysis – understanding what’s really working and what’s not


Key Components

Personalized emails

Never send mass email blast campaigns again. Our automated email process allows you to customize personal emails on an unlimited amount of criteria that you set up based on your customer’s unique needs and buying process.  And our after-the-click tracking allows your entire team to see the full interaction of your prospect with your emails and website interactions.

Lead Scoring and Visitor ID

Easily see your “hot prospects” with a customizable lead scoring system that’s based on identifying visitors to your website. Track their interaction and engagement and automatically assign a lead score to monitor their process in the buying cycle. Your team can review emails opened, links clicked, web pages visited and more – giving you complete insight into true customer engagement and allowing you to prioritize and focus your sales efforts.

Lead Management

You’ll never have to worry about leads “falling through the cracks” with automated lead nurturing process.  Without a lead nurturing program, many leads that require long term follow up.simply disappear and often ultimately re-engage with a competitor. Our lead management process keeps prospects “warm” until they are ready to engage with you – regardless of how long that might take.

True Integration between Sales and Marketing Teams

With our built-in CRM functionality your team will not only have visibility into the marketing process, you’ll also be able to share insight into the full sales process as well.  You can manage your sales opportunities by creating unique forecasting and deal stages. And if you already have a CRM product, we can easily integrate our marketing data and automation process with your current system.

Complete Multi-Campaign Management

Easily automate multiple campaigns and all communications with different segments of your prospects and customers – all in one platform. You’ll now have complete control of customer behavior and can match those interactions with your customizable messaging and communications across email,social media, landing pages, sales process, etc.

Reporting and Analysis

Take the guesswork out of what’s working (and maybe more importantly, what’s not working) in your entire sales and marketing process by tracking total end-to-end ROI on all campaigns and sales activities.  Track email opens, clicks, bounces, pages visited, etc. Automatically track your website conversions. Create reports based on ROI or workflow analytics to get a clear picture on how to optimize your marketing budget.

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