Lead Nurturing

“You don’t have a lead generation problem, you have a lead nurturing problem.”

That’s a frequent discovery we uncover with many of our clients that come to us looking to improve their lead generation efforts.

The vast majority of prospects that respond to your demand generation campaigns or visit your website rarely purchase your product/service immediately.

Even though you’ve invested significant time, money and resources to generate a new lead, wIthout a lead nurturing process you may be ultimately losing that lead and significant sales to your competition.

As prospects search online and go through their own, personalized research process – it’s critical to have a lead nurturing process in place that maintains the engagement and continues to build the relationship with your prospects by delivering relevant content to them based on their interactions and behavior.

Lead Nurturing Advantages:

  • Maximize your ROI on your initial lead generation spend
  • Close dramatically more sales through consistent engagement with all prospects
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Provide your Sales team with highly qualified leads that are ready to purchase
  • Prioritize sales and marketing resources with detailed prospect segmentation

We understand the complexities and challenges of building a lead nurturing program.  From the integration of your CRM and Marketing Automation software, designing workflows, calls-to-action, creating content, landing pages, emails, etc – it can be an overwhelming challenge for even a fully staffed and experienced marketing team.

At PipelineDMS we can build a customized lead nurturing programs strategically designed to match your customer behavior and interactions with your sales and marketing goals.

Let us help you build a lead nurturing process that turns your initial lead generation investment  into a pipeline of highly qualified sales leads that ultimately turn into new customers!

  • Lead Nurturing Strategy and Design
  • Lead Scoring
  • CRM/MA Integration
  • Workflow Design
  • Content Creation
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing & Templates
  • Sales & Marketing Process Integration
  • A/B testing, Reporting and Analytics


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