Demand Generation Audit Services

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

For years, most companies continue to list “lead generation” and the lack of highly qualified leads as the number one obstacle they face in attempting to reach their sales goals. Whether companies struggle with lead generation due to a lack of internal resources, expertise or bandwidth issues – it’s a critical problem that’s getting more difficult to solve every year.

Successful lead generation is no longer the simple, activity based effort of the past. Traditional activities, that worked just a few years ago, seldom work in today’s market. Gone are the days when a company could rely on outbound activities to produce highly qualified leads. In fact, lead generation now has become demand generation – a required and full integration of both inbound and outbound marketing practices.

Because successful demand generation is such a complex process, many companies simply don’t know where to begin. That is…until now.

Over the last decade, PipelineDMS  has perfected a unique closed loop demand generation audit specifically designed for today’s marketplace and prospect behavior. Based on industry-leading, best practices our RAMP™ demand generation audit provides a proven roadmap for companies looking to build successful and sustainable demand generation results.

Using our exclusive RAMP™ audit process, our demand marketing specialists will come on-site and analyze your current marketing strategies and both inbound and outbound processes. After a thorough review, they will make specific recommendations, set prioritized objectives and provide a roadmap to solve your demand generation issues once and for all!

Key Benefits

  • A proven closed loop methodology and demand generation process based on industry-leading best practices.
  • Shorten current sales cycles by identifying and focusing resources on highly qualified prospects currently in the purchasing process.
  • A sustainable plan to generate quality leads now and a long term plan for continual lead generation success.
  • Increased long term leads by accurately targeting prospects when they are in the research, evaluation and purchasing stages of their buying cycles with proven database marketing and lead nurturing strategies.
  • Eliminate “finger pointing” relating to the quality and quantity of leads by creating accountability, measurability and visibility from both sales and marketing teams.
  • Substantial savings of time and money by focusing marketing dollars and resources on activities that produce highly qualified leads.
  • Enable sales teams to focus only on highly qualified leads by maximizing marketing and lead nurturing programs.
  • Accurately forecast future sales by building a predictable marketing forecast.


  • A pre-audit call (prior to the on-site session) to prepare documentation and historic data.
  • A two day, on-site working session to review processes and conduct interviews with key marketing, sales and management staff.
  • An introductory kickoff meeting to review closed loop lead generation methodology with select members of the management team.
  • A detailed, objective review and assessment of each individual component of the RAMP™ closed loop process including: strategic marketing initiatives, demand generation activities, SEO/SEM, CRM/MA usage, database marketing, sales process, lead nurturing practices and KPI/metric analysis. .
  • Identification of specific problems, strengths and weaknesses in regards to current marketing & demand generation processes (including both inbound and outbound activities), internal resources, personnel, and external resources.
  • A debriefing session at the conclusion of the second day with assessments, specific recommendations and prioritized goals and objectives.
  • A written report with full documentation of findings, recommendations and prioritized objectives (optional – additional fees apply)


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